KARA Energy Systems

For what kind of clients KARA products are of interest?

The industrial boilers of KARA are especially suitable for companies from the agricultural sector and food processing sector that have available or process good volumes of agricultural ‘waste’. With the help of KARA's technology, these resources can be turned into useful energy such as steam, hot water or electricity.

Timber and wood processing companies could also use the wood residues from their production processes for heating or steam purposes. Other companies, which could benefit from the biomass boilers are hotels, greenhouses, municipalities and district heating companies which can replace existing fossil fuel boilers with biomass boilers, reduce their impact on the environment while saving on costs.

The main features of KARA’s biomass boilers

KARA provides complete control over the combustion process – which means much less unburnt particles and less emissions. One way to achieve this is to have a furnace which is longer in comparison with the industry average to allow to generate more energy from the combustion process. Additionally, filtering of the exhaust particles is done according to all legal requirements using multi-cyclone technology, if needed in combination with Compact Electrostatic Filters (ask us about specific information for filtering).

Compact Electrostatic filter with a possible dust reduction below the 10 mg/Nm3

The lifetime of the solid biomass boilers is -with proper maintenance- more than 20 years.KARA boilers can be designed to deal with both wood and straw resources, building on decades of design and operational experience, often in enduring industrial environments. The capacity range that KARA covers is ranging between 350 kilowatt and 15,000 kilowatt. KARA boilers can also deal with a large humidity range, between 20 - 60%, and still provide high efficiencies. Different types and qualities of biomass fuel can be mixed. Please consult us for the options!


Burning biomass and sustainability

KARA flue gas duct system

Burning wood under optimal conditions is a climate neutral solution, as the biomass fuel, from woody resources or from agricultural residues, is considered to be renewable. Kara boilers are designed in full compliance with present environmental emission limits for dust (PM2.5, PM10) NOx, CO2, CO. Kara products can already be prepared to fulfill more stricter requirements, in expectation of 2020 EU requirements for eco-design and emission limits. Kara has specialized in delivering state-of-the-art filtering and cleaning flue gases solutions. We also provide complete control over the combustion process. See more in the "Everything about combustion" brochure.



KARA container with moving floor

Supporting elements

KARA manufactures all equipment for a complete combustion system, where the boiler and furnace are the most important elements. KARA also offers in its portfolio supporting elements for the biomass combustion system such as: storage and drying options, transportation and conveyer systems, flue gas cleaning plants, and shredders. Ask us about the details.